Reporting from London…!

Some of the Serendipity team is in London and what better way to spend the weekend than checking out London’s best bakeries!?  So far, we’ve visited:

Laudree – this was a bakery originating from Paris, filled with colorful macaroons and pastries in the heart of Covent Garden!

Hummingbird Bakery – an American theme bakery with cupcakes, pies and brownies!  Most famous for their ‘red velvet’ cupcakes …and we now know why…delicious!!

Primrose Bakery – a London bakery filled with pretty, delicate cakes and cookies!

And last but not least (for sure!)…we visited the famous Haagen Dazs cafe yesterday.  Incredible desserts ranging from fondant to crepes, brownies, ice cream and a vibrant atmosphere, we will be sure to visit again and again and again……




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2 responses to “Reporting from London…!

  1. veronica

    can i sign up to do that kind of research?

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